EverGood Premium FAQ

Below explains what our member area is, and why we are offering it:

-How much does EverGood Premium cost?

The membership can be billed monthly at $1.50 per month or annually for $18.00.

-When will memberships open up again?

We typically close memberships for a brief period of time (1-2 months) to allow previous members and newly signed up members to enjoy being a member and catch a new release.  If we always had the memberships open, it wouldnt feel as exclusive would it?

-What do I get with my membership?

Each month you are emailed a new membership code that gives members 15% off of any item (including Pre Orders).

You will also get a 30 minute head start to our password protected site for regular drops. Meaning you get access to items 30 minutes before it goes on sale to the general public

EverGood Premium is a place where we host a ton of exclusive items to Members only.

If an item is a regular release, we try and make a Member Exclusive color variant, that is only available in the member section of the store.

-What if I want to cancel?

Cancel anytime. There is no obligation and no contract.  We are using this member section as a thank you to our friends who want to get more out of our shop. If you buy a $10 pen and use the discount code 1 time per month, your membership gets paid for.  So really, its a win win.

If you have any more questions regarding the membership, please email us at: