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"And In The Darkness Bind Them" Pin 1

"And In The Darkness Bind Them" Pin 1

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A towering 4.5" tall enamel pin

Featuring Gold Electroplating 

Pearlecent enamel colors

Laser Numbered

Quadruple Back Post

There are 3 Grades of this pin as follows:

Standard Grade- The best of the whole lot. They can contain some small pin holes and minor underfilled. Most will not have any issues, but some could have a very small area, we let go in our grading where it is not a visible eyesore from 12” away from the pin.

Minor Flaw- These pins have small inconsistencies in some of the enamel, or some underfill of the enamel. These are also still great looking pins, but not the best to be considered Standard Grade.

Major Flaw- These pins have obvious flaws that are quickly seen upon inspection. The pricing is reflected in the cost. May contain small areas of missing enamel, that we just don’t consider to be a minor flaw.

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